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Chicos, aumento de dividendo de un 12,5%. De 0,32$ trimestral a 0,36$. 1,28$ vs 1,44$ anual. 48 años consecutivos de aumento.

ABBOTT PARK, Ill., 13 de diciembre de 2019 / PRNewswire / - La junta directiva de Abbott (NYSE: ABT) aumentó hoy el dividendo trimestral común de la compañía a 36 centavos por acción, un aumento del 12.5%.




Strong 2019 results (22/01/2020)



First-Quarter 2020 Financial Results (16/04/2020)

  • First-quarter worldwide sales of $7.7 billion increased 2.5 percent on a reported basis and 4.3 percent on an organic basis.
  • Reported diluted EPS from continuing operations under GAAP was $0.30 and adjusted diluted EPS from continuing operations, which excludes specified items, was $0.65 in the first quarter.
  • Due to uncertainties regarding the duration and impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Abbott is suspending its previously announced annual guidance for 2020.
  • Abbott’s strong financial position is supported by a healthy balance sheet, including approximately $3.7 billion in cash, cash equivalents and short-term investments, and revolving credit facilities in place that could provide additional access to up to $5 billion, if needed.
  • Abbott recently launched three diagnostics tests for COVID-19, including molecular tests on its ID NOWTM rapid point-of-care platform and m 2000TM RealTi m e lab-based platform, and a serology blood test for the detection of the antibody, IgG, on its lab-based immunoassay platforms.
  • Abbott recently announced CE Mark approvals for several cardiovascular devices, including TriClipTM, the world’s first minimally invasive, clip-based repair device for the treatment of tricuspid regurgitation, or leaky tricuspid heart valve; TendyneTM, a first-of-its-kind technology to replace a faulty mitral heart valve; and GallantTM implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) and cardiac resynchronization therapy defibrillator (CRT-D) devices to help manage heart rhythm disorders.

Una de las intocables del mercado, no da oportunidades.


Abbott Labs presentó sus resultados del cuarto trimestre del año, cifras que superaron las previsiones de los analistas. Los ingresos, por su parte, se situaron POR ENCIMA de lo esperado.
La compañía presentó un beneficio por acción de $1,45 y una facturación de $10,70B. Los analistas esperaban un BPA de $1,35 y unos ingresos de $9,94B


Análisis rápido de ABT


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Presenta resultados y parece que el guidance de este año no cumple las expectativas.

Cae un 4%.


Cayendo un 8% :astonished:

Se sabe el motivo?

Parece que es por la bajada en la demanda de test covid. Preven una caída del EPS en relación a las estimaciones.


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Abbott Reduces Outlook for Pandemic-Related Diagnostics; Our Fair Value Estimate Is Unchanged

We’re not surprised by narrow-moat Abbott’s recalibration of its outlook for COVID-19 testing now that the pandemic has been receding in developed markets. After fine-tuning our already more tempered estimates for Abbott’s COVID-19 business in 2021 and incorporating our expectations for the U.S. corporate tax rate to rise to a probability-weighted 26%, we’re holding steady on our $97 fair value estimate, as the two factors weren’t enough to materially move our valuation.

We’d already seen a foreshadowing of softening demand for COVID-19 diagnostic tests as reference labs LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics had indicated that SARS-CoV-2 testing volume peaked in mid-December and then steadily declined through to the end of the first quarter. Considering the penetration of COVID-19 vaccination in the United States and a falling caseload in the last couple of months, we anticipate further decreases in PCR testing through the rest of this year at the labs.

The big question is to what degree demand for COVID-19 PCR testing could shift to the point-of-care, rapid antigen tests that Abbott has supplied. The U.S. government made bulk purchases of those antigen tests last year, and the test recently became widely available over the counter. However, gains in vaccinating adults and now teens in the U.S. are taking place quickly, reducing the need for rapid antigen tests. Abbott now expects $4 billion-$4.5 billion in COVID-19 test sales in 2021 (down from the $6.5 billion it expected earlier this year), which is closer to our $4.5 billion estimate. We continue to project the diagnostics segment to decline 7% in 2022, driven by falling demand for COVID-19 tests.

  • Sales growth of 39.5 percent; organic sales growth of 35.0 percent
  • GAAP diluted EPS from continuing operations growth of 120.0 percent; adjusted diluted EPS growth of 105.3 percent
  • Second-quarter sales, excluding COVID-19 testing-related sales, grew 12.3 percent on a reported basis and 11.3 percent on an organic basis compared to sales in 2019
  • Achieved strong sales growth across all four major business areas
  • Full-year forecast continues to reflect strong, double-digit EPS growth on both a GAAP and adjusted basis

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