Sector Aerolineas

Abro tema con un sector que esta padeciendo especialmente el impacto del coronavirus.
El sector aerolíneas, donde curiosamente ha salido a la luz el interes del oráculo de Omaha.

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Si estais interesados, este artículo me parece una concienzuda valoración de los principales players del sector en EEUU.

Hoy AAL se está saliendo.

Aunque ahora parezca que Warren Buffett se equivoco invirtiendo en aerolineas yo creo que en su dia vio un oligopolio en formacion que convertiria las aerolineas en algo similar a las ferroviarias hoy dia.

Dejo este extracto al respecto:

"Dr Dao - a doctor with patients to serve the next day - was “selected” by United Airlines to be removed from an overbooked plane.

As he had patients to tend the next day he did not think he should leave the plane. So the airline sent thugs to bash him up and forcibly removed him.

*The video (truly sickening) went viral. But the airline did not apologise. The problem it seems was caused by customer intransigence. *

They apologised after what Tepper and Hearn think was true public revolt, but what I think was more likely the realistic threat to ban United Airlines from China because of the racial undertones underlying that incident.

If a “normal” company sent thugs to brutalise its customers it would go out of business. But United went from strength to strength.

The reason the authors assert was that United has so much market power you have no choice to fly them anyway - and by demonstrating they had the power to kick your teeth in they also demonstrated that they had the power to raise prices. The stock went up pretty sharply in the end."

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