Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO)

Abro hilo de esta empresa:

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. offers:

  1. life sciences solutions: reagents, instruments, and consumables for biological and medical research, discovery, and production of drugs and vaccines, as well as diagnosis of infections and diseases to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, agricultural, clinical, healthcare, academic, and government markets.
  2. analytical instruments, provides instruments, consumables, software, and services for use in laboratory, on production line, and in field for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, academic, government, environmental, and other research and industrial markets, as well as clinical laboratories.
  3. specialty diagnostics, offers liquid, ready-to-use, and lyophilized immunodiagnostic reagent kits, as well as calibrators, controls, and calibration verification fluids; ImmunoCAP for allergy and asthma tests, and EliA for autoimmunity tests; dehydrated and prepared culture media, collection and transport systems, instrumentation, and consumables; human leukocyte antigen typing and testing for organ transplant market; and healthcare products.
  4. and laboratory products and service, provides laboratory refrigerators and freezers, ultralow-temperature freezers, and cryopreservation storage tanks; temperature control, sample preparation and preservation, centrifugation, and biological safety cabinet products; water analysis instruments; laboratory plastics products; laboratory chemicals; and pharma services.


Datos de facturación hasta ahora y las previsiones:

EPS (la pandemia les ha venido muy bien ya que proveen de instrumentación y de consumibles para las PCRs).

Equity, debt, cash…

Marc N. Casper CEO desde 2009.
Current Dividend Yield = 0.19%
Empleados = alrededor de 80.000

Los due√Īos:


En el √ļltimo directo Alejandro De True Value hace un an√°lisis de esta empresa como oportunidad de compra. Son directos de El arte de invertir


Ratios, y su evolución a lo largo del tiempo.

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