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Abro hilo también dedicado a una persona que escribe en el hilo de Chowder.
¿Por qué?
Porque controla muchiiiiísimo de tecnología así como “pipelines”. Da unas opiniones muy pensadas y ha acertado en todo lo relativo a Enbridge, QCOM y GLW (entre otras cosas).
Como Chowder borra todo cada cierto tiempo, hay párrafos que merecen salvarse.

" All of that’s coming, first our legislators will need to divest or place their interests and stock holdings in some of them in other places before anything serious reigns them in a bit. Then the lobbyists will have to rework their approach at getting what they can live with too, look overseas because that type or another like it of social media regulation is on it’s way here too if only because it makes some great political soundbites :slight_smile: Anti-trust review will be coming and is well under way over there for a few of them
I own both QCOM and AAPL now days, glad I do but it has always surprised me how some concentrate so hard on QCOM in the courtrooms and seem to give AAPL no thought at all. AAPL is currently still in front of the SCOTUS while they decide if another group can sue them and have lost some of the courtroom cases they have been involved in lately including end of the line appeals in a few. They also are being actively looked at in quite a few other places around the world much in the same way QCOM was. I’m not saying either of them are right or wrong much less angels of commerce but I am saying what I have all along it’s just business at that level and anyone thinking that business attitude doesn’t apply to their investment is kidding themselves imho.
Here is something most never realized about some of the AAPL vs QCOM disagreements many of the QCOM attorneys used to represent AAPL before in other cases and vice versa with some of the others. It’s another part of the Judges comment view of how closely interrelated that industry really is. Recent news
<<< The European Union’s competition regulator might launch a probe of Apple over antitrust allegations.
The tech giant is accused of using its app store to gain an advantage for its own services over rivals. As a result, Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager said her agency would investigate to find out if there are any parallels with Google, which was fined 2.4 billion euros ($2.7 billion) in 2017 for cooking its search results to benefit its own shopping services, at the disadvantage of the services of others.
“We have to examine the role of Apple and Apple’s app store,” she was quoted as saying, according to Reuters. “If we conclude that they have a market-dominating position, then the case would be comparable to our proceedings against Google.” The news comes just a few days after music streaming service Spotify filed an antitrust complaint in Europe against Apple, accusing the tech giant of abusing its control of the Apple App Store so that it restricts competition from other music streaming services. >>>A few months back now
<<< Apple loses appeal of $439 million verdict in favor of VirnetX
By Roger Fingas
Tuesday, January 15, 2019, 07:45 am PT (10:45 am ET)
On Tuesday the federal U.S. Court of Appeals denied Apple’s appeal of a 2016 jury verdict in favor of VirnetX, which initially granted the patent licensing firm $302.4 million in damages. >>> If you look at AAPLs history there are very few times they have not been involved in some sort of litigation and have lost some Like the E book case and won some too.
And to be clear none of this is a knock on AAPL what I’m trying to point out is like QCOM it’s often as not simply just business at that level. Lots of chatter now days about Huawei and I can tell you flat out why they don’t have much of a presence here in America in the smartphone markets AAPL and probably a dozen others including QCOM would quickly sue the heck out of them for IP theft and various other things as a company.
Often they take a long time to sort out too, the current SCOTUS case started way back in time and involved T at one point and has been put to bed a few times merely to rise back up again. Some of that is because previous case law simply does not apply to some things now days so new rulings come along now and then. I think the case law involving AAPL and their APP store right now in front of the SCOTUS might be revisited it’s called the Illionois Brick doctrine. And again to be clear even if it is that doesn’t mean AAPL is guility of anything it merely means they can be sued for the way they do some things. That they didn’t stop looking at it all tends to make me think some are considering revisiting that case law. But they are a lot like AAPL and anyone thinking they know what the SCOTUS is up to is kidding themselves too :slight_smile:
Yeah I know a ramble but it makes it a little clearer what the point was. It always seemed to me what made some run away fast from QCOM is totally disregarded when it comes to some others and that makes little sense to me. What was ridiculous right from the start with the QCOM case still waiting on a decision was two departments handle anti- competitive monopolistic behavior for us the FTC and the DOJ and they were in complete disagreement about a case even being brought from the very start and that’s hardly a convincing way to go about things imho. And how one judge can flat out say in a legal proceeding you should completely disregard this supposed expert witness testimony which is what happened in the T case it’s worthless while he is considered a valid source in another is beyond me. Some of that is why I had such confidence an agreement would happen because the last thing you want is some Judge and jury deciding what’s right lol."
" Actually anyone who still holds QCOM and perhaps have suffered through some of my comments about them :slight_smile:
I think anyone who still holds them might want to take the time to read this article out now. It describes an eyewitness view of the opening statements in that last trail with AAPL including laying out some of the supporting evidence that was to be introduced in more depth once the trial got going full bore. Soon after they were made a settlement was announced.
What remains to be seen is how the FTC decision gets dealt with but it certainly does support once again that trial and apparently several others never should have taken place to begin with. I also think AAPL may end up regretting some of these moves a little more then I thought at first.
I know one of the earlier things that had me questioning what was going on was the sheer volume of “discovery material” AAPL seemed a little to hesitant to provide in some of the cases until they refreshed their own memory on them. That’s a problem for many of them like that in the tech field because it’s beyond huge amounts of things like emails, internal memos etc and first your going to want your own attorneys to look them over, a very long process and one prone to missing things.
As for me I plan to follow chowders often mentioned advice and if they turn in the right ER add a bit more QCOM then if I can. My last add done as he suggests be done one time then wait has locked in a nice yield on those shares. From what I can tell they remain the front runner in connecting things up in the newer 5G communications roll out and have stated an additional $2 will soon show up in their revised EPS outlook, forget the symbol and keep the numbers in mind and that’s one I want more of.
How accurate is this article ? beats me Bezos owns the Post now days but I doubt they go around looking to be sued on purpose without something firm behind a article. IZZ
The other day I thought that SP you mentioned was far to optimistic and today I’m not as sure it is. I thought it was a pretty interesting view about the trial and why that settlement came about. My point about not wanting to many things being placed in a public record is there too, no one wants their dirty laundry made public if they can avoid it. Makes me wonder a little bit what else may have been brought out into the light of day but will now remain just business at that level :slight_smile:
And Yup I want more AAPL too I can’t think of a better cutting edge technology working partnership then those two is why and it remains the investors thinking it’s personal, it isn’t. I would be amazed if they aren’t already pushing full steam ahead together on some things already.
They both are world shakers in their own right and shake it even harder when they work together and we need to stay out in front in todays technology race for many reasons and some have nothing to do with a bottom line number but are just as important.…"
" It would only be a guess, I read that one and the comments and that’s all those were too. My view ? first off the latest agreement is the very first one directly between the two and to me signifies a relationship that will deepen going forward. AAPL has in fact continued to bring more things inhouse and was one of the things I told SQ to stay aware of, it has to do with controlling things better from a security sense and something they are rightfully proud of compared to some others imho. It’s not complicated why they are making some of these moves like their own SOCs. Your “Garden wall” can be twenty feet high but if it has a door others can enter through the wall no longer matters.
As to bringing modem technology in there it’s much easier said then done and I don’t think that’s really what they’re after or that new agreement would be both much shorter with no options attached. A direct license agreement like that one is not how AAPL usually does business and once again why that came about remains between them alone. What often gets missed with QCOM technology is not just the connectivity which by the way means your going to pay them in one way or another anyways same as 4G and even older 3G users but just as importantly the physical size and power savings they achieve with their technology too. It’s a heck of a combo and not easily replicated. The other thing to remember is it remains a moving target accelerating ever faster if that makes sense. That might partly explain the longer length of that new agreement lest AAPL finds itself behind once again. I assure you as I write this QCOM is actively working on what ever is coming next and showed they paid strict attention to Bill Gates who said if you don’t ignore the lawsuits let the lawyers handle them and keep your nose to the newer technology grindstone instead they will be your downfall.
Once again I find myself pointing out way to much weight is till being placed on the smartphone market imho QCOM and AAPL are looking much farther out then that market. Many things we never thought about being connected soon will be and that often brings you back to QCOM.
Lots of comments in the article you read, I read it too and many are from knowledgeable technology people but in the end the one thing I have never argued with Ron about remains true and it’s anyone thinking they know what AAPL is up to is kidding themselves. What’s next ? I find now days I can’t go very long without reading about Quantum communications and QKD Quantum key distribution being used. Some actively looking harder at it are of course QCOM AAPL INTC and IBM T VZ along with some others. And what will bring on even faster changes that way ? the more it’s rolled out and placed into use our newer 5G fiber fed information highway will. That was an astounding amount of data UNP uses now days so it’s not hard imho to apply that change to a great many others adopting newer business practices too. Who actually makes it work well and so benefits from it remains to be seen.
One thing not talked about much by all of the “arm chair” lawyers debating the whole thing I noticed was the huge QCOM shares buyback that was made at what now looks like some pretty good prices. Management was called complete idiots previously :slight_smile: I’m not a fan of them but this time it seems to have worked to the companies favor.
They still have a big problem ahead of them with the FTC decision yet to be announced but with the recent agreement in this trial it certainly becomes one they could appeal easier now it seems.
I also meant what I said I’m very glad to see them working together again. Another thing is I think INTC will be just fine going forward they still dominate the market they are in and it seems some of the up and coming competition that way just disappeared and some others are having what you might call legitimacy concerns. I won’t pull any punches I do think we have not paid enough attention to some of our internet related vulnerabilities and we need to. No comment about the SPACE rocket launch anomaly ? a PC term for everything now days huh ? sounds so much better then it blew up.
"One of my five technology placed holdings already is a dividend champion BMI and QCOM isn’t that many years away from that record now either.
Both QCOM and MSFT started a dividend program way back in 2003 about one month apart from each other. And CSCO is another one that has shown me patience, sometimes extreme patience can work out for you, In their case they were merely left alone at times in my IRA, wasn’t a mystery why I was busy working, BMI ORI PAYX all laid there pretty much ignored for many years too but they paid a dividend. I saw the back testing look brought around about CSCO and TR all I know is for me I have a big CSCO position right now and darn glad I do as the income they throw off continues to grow bigger. But if that changes I will change how I view some of them too same as any other holding. I don’t see any big icebergs on the horizon for any of them yet myself and QCOM just steered right around the one in front of them.
I made myself clear I was not going to be scared out of QCOM or “advised” out either the way I was with MSFT.
Much of my newer CSCO shares were bought in 2013-14-15-16 just as chowder often points out it’s never one and done and they were considered “'dead money” guess someone woke them back up : ) Five tech holdings for me AAPL BMI CSCO GLW QCOM
Though they play things close to the vest a strong push into the health care market seems to be one place they intend to grow bigger in. It’s ripe for some change that’s for sure and technology will be one of the tools that gest used more to change it I think. They also have fingers into things like VR and I think you will also see things like Apple pay become more of a cash cow for them too. They have a really “sticky” appeal to those that use their products and they are moving hard in several different ways to exploit that. I’m with Ron and think their services growth is simply amazing and doesn’t get nearly the amount of respect it deserves.
At times chowder talks about utilities consolidating and BMI products will be one of the things that helps them do just that. Smart meters will continue to be embraced as time moves on and our grid evolves into a smart one. BMI offers some of the latest technology LTE cellular connected smart meters out there.
Made a big push into recurring revenues driven by subscription based services offered through what for many has been the backbone of the internet right from the start for them CSCO. Saw what the cloud was doing for AWS and didn’t hesitate to start heading where they wanted to be, indecision in one that size can be costly, IBM imho is an example of that wandering around problem and CSCO doesn’t suffer from that. They headed off in new directions a few years back now and are starting to see the results of that effort paying off and more importantly are growing again. . Grew large from a slaesmans view and leadership and continue to grow even larger from another ones and imho remain on the right track. There are many who compete against them but they are still a giant among them all. And they continuously grow even larger with the right bolt on acquisitions.

Like QCOM they know that to stay in the game R&D matters and have funded that effort continuously for decades. I passed through Corning NY on the way south and yet another additrion is being added to their R&D center called Sullivan park. I trusted management when they laid out where they were headed in their four year plan back in late 2015 and they have surpassed everything they talked about. In it they also said they would grow the dividend by at least 10% a year and they have. They also said they would be spending a lot on cap-ex for newer plants and they are coming on line now. I can’t wait to see what the next plan they lay out is in 2020. They have five different divisions and all of them are contributing to the bottom line now days nd much of todays politics don’t affect them as badly as it does others.
I don’t see anything holding them back now and think your going to see many of the OEMs continue to rely on them to come up with additional break throughs from their huge R&D spending. I think you will also see AAPL and them work together to bring us much closer to a few things that are going to wow us all and wow usually sells pretty well. I also think another nice increase in the QCOM dividend is coming soon and that works for me :slight_smile:
You know what is more important to me then what sector these five get placed in ? some are very old holdings and one is newer to me but I have a lot of confidence in all five of them too. I see confidence in a holding get questioned here all the time, heck I just went through that with a few myself but not with this five and that matters. You want a real confident one example for me ? I often go several weeks at a time without even knowing what ORIs SP even is. Sometimes I completely forget about them until they stop by and say hi once again. Small raises but steady as can be and the older I get the more I appreciate that in a holding. I get it they’re not for some here, I don’t care I hold them for my reasons not theirs same as my others."

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“Berkshire in some ways has influenced me to hold my two renewable investments and they have been into renewables since the 1990s with Mid America energy. I have been clear about holding renewables all along and one of mine the larger of the two BEP has Brookfield behind it a company that has well over 100 years in renewable energy and are often considered the Berkshire of Canada. My other one has grown larger all by itself and in that one you need to look for long term PPA (power purchase agreements) and PPAs that are with investment grade customers and are structured non recourse debt projects so when something comes along out of the ordinary like a weather event it stays with the one project only. The number you use for them is CAFD and PEGI has been doing just fine in all those ways. I see a lot of interest here about NEE but none about their renewable moves NEP and the way those work best is having a deep pocket big brother like NEE and NEE sure seems to like renewables and have a deep pocket too.
Lots of “reasons” out there for renewables growing now days and I won’t get into those reasons, it remains a hot debate in some minds . But I will add that I put my first solar panel up at the cabin back in the 1990s and it cost me around $500, it’s still making power there today just fine. The last one I put up a few years ago was half the size with twice the power output and cost under $100 , so imho solar is here to stay and grow much bigger, so is wind power.
All over the place ? nope but it’s use along with wind will continue to grow larger going forward and those that fail to adopt it in one way or another will regret that one day.
I built most of my AEP position back when they were unloved and it was because they made it clear they goofed up by entering to many unregulated energy projects and were determined to move back into the regulated energy markets. They did just that and have made darn sure now days when they get involved in a renewable one it’s an already approved and regulated market one. I don’t want any more direct exposure to that type of energy then I have now with BEP and PEGI but it’s not because I’m worried about them it’s because I already have it in ones like AEP D WEC and imho so do many others here that at times question renewables without even realizing they have exposure to them already. The other reason I watch that energy market is I want to make darn sure the ones I hold do participate in it and avoid riding a dinosaur utility into the history books.
I think chowders right on the money with consolidation and with advances in technology it’s going to make it even easier to do just that going forward as our grid continues to be a giant puzzle coming together. I have some WTR now days and want more, I think the consolidation moves as a utility provider they are making are the right ones, time will tell if that’s true or not.”

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Me alegro por el nivel de inglés que debeis tener, yo no puedo con estos ladrillos en inglés. Le pasa a lguien más?

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Tienes razón que suelta verdaderos ladrillos.
Muchas veces lo que hago es lectura vertical y cuando salta alguna empresa que sigo, me centro en el texto y lo leo.
Supongo que si no interesa lo suficiente, no merece el esfuerzo de usar un traductor, que además no da resultados perfectos.
Intentaré poner textos más breves y si no resulta, no añadiré más.

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Son los que más rápido veo, ni los leo.

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Yo no leo algo tan largo y denso.

Le he dao dos ojeadas.

Donde habla de qcom cisco apple intl etc …hace 2 dias me dijeron aqui que no invierten en esas tech por el riesgo de otro nokia etc… lo que es contrario a mi opción.

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Gracias por la opinión.
Lo más importante es que a la gente le sea útil. Si no, no merece la pena poner información de relleno en el foro.

Por mí, se podría borrar el hilo por parte del administrador. :slight_smile:

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Siempre es bienvenida la opinion de gente que esta metida en esos mercados y que aparentemente saben mejor que nosotros lo que se cuece con las empresas americanas,para eso son de alli.
Por mi parte,no hay problema y agradezco tu molestia.
Unas veces nos interesara a algunos y otras a otros…

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Quien quiera usar esta información perfecto quien pase de ella también. Pero yo agradezco el esfuerzo de tratar de preservarla y que no se pierda.

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Yo creo que es información que puede ser de mucha ayuda.

No todos los perfiles tienen que estar interesados en todos los hilos y es fácil dejar de seguir un hilo simplemente marcándolo mediante el botón del final:

Yo particularmente te agradezco que te tomes la molestia de seleccionar lo más destacado y lo compartas con nosotros.

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Me referia al post de qcom etc que era muy largo.

Pero por supuesto que es util.

Gracias por el trabajo de seleccionar e insertar.

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@luisg se agradece si sigues poniéndolo. Es de utilidad :ok_hand:

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